Nursery Operations

  • Seed Sourcing


    Seed can be collected from trees locally or can be bought from suppliers. It is important to look at the seed and check that it appears to be a good quality, and hasn't been collected too early (immature) or contains empty seed. Before planting of seed, it is important to check first its viability by seeing if it germinates.

  • Seed Bed preparation


    Seedbed Preparation is the process of creating a seedbed using local soil in which seeds are planted. Seedbed created in our nursery consists of not only soil but also a specially prepared cold frame, hotbed or raised bed used to grow the seedlings in a controlled environment into larger young plants before transplanting them.

  • Root pruning


    Root pruning is the process of slicing through the roots at the drip line of an established tree that is going to be dug and transplanted. This is done to encourage the growth of new feeder roots along the root ball that will be transplanted along with the tree.

  • Propagation


    Plant propagation is the process of creating new plants from a variety of sources: seeds, cuttings, bulbs and other plant parts. Plant propagation can also refer to the artificial or natural dispersal of plants.

  • Greenhouse


    Our climate controlled greenhouse measures 2,100 sq.m with automatic irrigation systems, computerized heating, lighting and cooling systems to optimize the condition of plants.

  • Landscapes


    Compliement your Villa, Palace, Private Complex, Office Building, Resort or any other personal space with plants, trees, flowers, lawns and more.

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